Progress In Diary


To improve the livelihood of livestock farmers they have been organized into Self Help Group (SHG) and Dairy Co-operative Societies (DCS) and both forward and backward linkages have been provided in order to make them more competitive and to give them remunerative price for their produce. The team also looks at ways and means to improve the existing tradition milk markets.


AACP has formed 39 numbers of DCS in Kamrup district in between 2005 to 2009. During 09-10 field coordinators linked up the members of the DCS to Central Dairy and other milk processing and dairy units for better price and continuous market channel. However the problems in the rural areas of Assam is that the road communication is very poor and there are some areas where the milk producers cannot access the artificial insemination service though they have interest for high yielding cows. It is true that after formation of the DCS the members of DCS and the neighbouring milk producers got lot of technical knowledge on quality control, clean milk production and maintenance of the cowshed. CRD has also formed one Women DCS. It is one of the successful cooperative societies in Assam and the members have linked up with other departments and bank for enhancing their economic activities in the long run.

The following table will show the total number of DCS including its beneficiaries with sex pattern.

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