Role Of CRD

CRD’s role in implementing the project as a nodal agency is:

  • To facilitate active participation and capacity building of the beneficiaries, CBOs, farmers’ groups and women’s groups in the project activities under AACP.
  • To create a forum for rapport building between the project staff and participating for effective and efficient participatory planning and implementation of the project activities.
  • To help the participating GOA departments and PCU in getting feedback from the field while implementing the activities and in supporting, monitoring and evaluation system of the project.
  • To motivate and sensitize the personal of the project implementation Agencies, participating farmers and District Administration to the grass root level issues/problems, gender issues and environmental impact of AACP activities with an emphasize on participatory approach.


The AACP Project is emphasizing mainly on the following problems:

  • Lack of Capital in farm and rural communities for productivity enhancement investments.
  • Inadequate market-linked technology transfer.
  • Absence of basic producer organizations linked to markets.
  • Low productivity livestock resources.
  • Poor rural road network limiting market access and constraining diversification away from rice to high value perishable crops.