Governing Body

The Governance of CRD is vested currently on a Governing Board comprising of nine members from diversified field with excellence. The Governing Board guides the society and makes policy decision. Presently, the Governing Board of the organization is adorned by the following distinguished members of diverse expertise.

  • Dr. K. Haloi (Asstt.Director, NIRD, NERC) – Chairman
  • Dr. Pradip Kumar Sarmah (Social Worker) – Executive Director
  • Mr. Gautam Sarma (Ex-Secretary of¬†Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra Society) – Member
  • Mr. Manoj Kumar Sarma (Social Worker) – Member
  • Dr. Dinesh Baishya (Retd.Principal, B.Barooah College) – Member
  • Mr. B.M. Chakravarty (Eminent Entrepreneur) – Member
  • Mr. Deba Prasad Sarma (Social Worker) – Member
  • Ms. Mamani Saikia (Social Worker) – Member